Anthony Lister | An Maestro Skilled at Emotionally Orchestrated Artwork

What makes Anthony Lister’s Solo Exhibition “Head Hunting” elicit Emotional Response?

What does it mean to be a member of a society that collects precious items? Football cards, artworks, Instagram followers, or trophies shaped like the heads of dead foes and fallen heroes are examples of collectible objects.

A Long-Standing Characteristic Style

The Head Hunter exhibition, which depicts a parade of fallen villains and heroes, urges viewers to consider moral ideas on what is wrong and right. Anthony Lister’s comic-style color palette, unusual brushwork, and superhero characters dominate the exhibition, set on a massive canvas background.

An Informative Outlook that Dares You to Approach It

To access the Head Hunter exhibit, visitors had to walk through a doorway marked by a heavy black curtain. The audience felt a sense of suspense and amazement as they moved through the perfectly choreographed scene. It’s like a magician vanishes in a smoke cloud before his grand finale.



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Anthony Lister | Anthony Lister News

Anthony Lister | Anthony Lister News

Learn how to make best arts or paintings using oil, charcoal and paint with help of Anthony Lister also famous as Anthony Lister Street Artist.