Anthony Lister Early Artistic Influences and an Illustrious Collaborative Works

While being regarded as Australia’s best street artist, Anthony Lister successfully and single-handedly helped pioneer the Brisbane street art and stencil movement.

Anthony Lister is a one-of-a-kind Australian modern graffiti artist recognized for his flawless blending of “low” and “high” cultural iconography in his artworks. He has been named one of the top 50 collectible Australian artists. He is regarded as one of the most influential contemporary artists.

This article will indulge you with Anthony Lister’s fascinating universe, beginning with his early life and influences in his body of work and progressing through his valued collaborations, collections, and exhibitions.

Antony Lister Stands on the Shoulders of Artistic Giants

Anthony Lister, who currently lives and works in Sydney, was born in Brisbane, Australia, in 1979.

He relocated to New York City in 2003 after receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Queensland College of Art. While in New York, Anthony Lister was mentored by Max Gimblett, a well-known New Zealand-born painter. He ran into him at the Queensland Art Gallery, which was hosting the opening of an extensive solo exhibition.

While regularly exhibiting worldwide, Anthony Lister returned to the female figure and the human form in his most recent displays in Los Angeles and Milan. Ballet dancers were prominently included in the exhibitions.

Anthony Lister controls his audiences throughout his work since they see everything. He always presumes that the listeners are not the same as him. As a result, Anthony Lister has always drawn for himself rather than others.

Anthony Lister’s sense of art demonstrates a variety of playful, dreamy, whimsical, and wholehearted skill sets and emotions. However, he makes it a point not to provide a single accurate explanation for any of his artwork. You can’t help but be lured into the world that revolves around Anthony Lister’s magnificent, fascinating, and controversial artworks that are loaded with his perspectives on worldwide society.

Anthony Lister presented a far more rough-hewn, grimy, but surprisingly delicate interpretive take on the bodies during a recent and exciting Degas show in London. He’s always been interested in social value judgments on culture, as well as civilization itself.

While explaining why he is drawn to culture and society as a painter, Anthony Lister compares the Ballerinas to strippers who refuse to take their clothes off. He wishes to dismantle the creative form to its fundamental essence. But, more than that, Anthony Lister is intrigued by the philosophy underlying his art, particularly as it relates to culture and society.

Anthony Lister’s Favorite Collaborations

Anthony Lister’s work has appeared on well-known websites such as Juxtapoz, Wooster Collective, Vogue, and Highsnobiety.

Aside from these exciting features, Anthony Lister has collaborated with many well-known brands worldwide, including Hermès, Westfield, The Standard Hotel, Samsung, Vogue Australia, and Mercedes-Benz. And there’s more. He’s also worked with several well-known personalities and artists, including Australian singer Nick Cave and French artists such as Space Invader and Blek le Rat.

Above all, Anthony Lister is particularly proud of his book, Anthony Lister: Adventure Painter. Gingko Press published it in 2014. Anthony Lister’s outdoor paintings and gallery work were highlighted in the book, which also documented his intellectual and physical excursions.

Other Thought-Provoking Collections and Exhibitions

Anthony Lister’s one-of-a-kind shows have taken place all over the world, including Berlin’s Urban Spree Gallery, Toronto’s Show & Tell Gallery, London’s Lazarides Gallery, Miami’s Robert Fontaine Gallery, Los Angeles’ New Image Art Gallery, and Melbourne’s Black Art Projects.

Aside from his special exhibition mentioned above, Anthony Lister’s work has been included in notable collections such as the National Gallery of Australia, Brand & Slater Architects, TVS Partnership, David Roberts Collection, Brisbane Grammar School, and Art Bank Australia.



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