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If you also an art lover then this article is for you. Here world famous street artist Anthony Lister ready to explain you the benefits of oil painting use.

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Original oil paintings in the interior

Oil paintings highlight some accents in the interior, create the mood of the room, as well as bring harmony and the feeling of completeness to it.

There are many styles and techniques in art; however, we are going to talk about hand-painted wall art here in this article.

Main functions of oil paintings in the interior

Paintings in the interior have several functions. They:


Create special atmosphere and unique design;

Make the room look cozy and comfortable;

Fill the room with special energy;

Make the room look stylish.

A painting is not only a piece of art, but also a very spectacular interior design element. Depending on what you want to achieve, it can be either an element that unites your interior or a bright accent. It also gives you a chance to manipulate the space in your room (visually expand it, for instance).

Themes of original oil paintings

The first place you see when you get into someone’s house if a hallway. Its decoration is very important as it sets the style of the whole house. That is why it’s better not to hang very bright colors and strict lines. Medium sized canvases in the minimalist style are best for hallways. Paintings in the living room should create a relaxed and homey atmosphere. It can be a landscape, a still life, or a portrait. Several canvases that correspond to the overall style of the room are enough in order to attract attention and not overload the space with details. They can be placed symmetrically or asymmetrically. The best genre for the kitchen and the dining room is still life depicting fruit, vegetables and flowers. In the East, for example, such paintings are considered to bring abundance to a home. The canvas shouldn’t be large and preferably should be of bright juicy colors. In order to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, pieces depicting the sky, clouds, birds, and landscapes or seascapes in general are perfect. The most important thing here is to avoid dark colors and strict lines. Paintings for the children’s room should be bright, kind and maybe a little bit educational. Pictures of your kids’ favorite characters are the best choice here. Wallpaper preferably shouldn’t have any patterns in order not to overload the space with too many details and not to distract attention from the beauty of the painting.

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