Anthony Lister Knack for Emotive, Resonating, and Controversial Art

While having stared at 17 years of age painting the streets, Anthony Lister was instrumental in pioneering the street art movement as a teenager in his home city. Having been viewed as Australia’s premier street artist, Anthony Lister’s art generates strong reactionary emotions and is quite shocking but bold.

After graduating from Queensland College of Art with a Bachelors degree in fine arts, Anthony Lister travelled to New York City. He was mentored by Max Gimblett, a Newzeland born but USA based painter.

Anthony Lister started his painting artistry in the Brisbane streets. Nowadays, he’s renowned for blending the influences from several fields. Anthony Lister’s artistic practice includes urban art, pop art, expressionism, and modern youth subcultures.

Anthony Lister does not shy away from Controversy

Anthony Lister reformats and appropriates languages and codes by taking up the subject matter inherent to Western culture and iconography. He effectively makes use of crude painting techniques that are perfectly blended with the graffiti’s vandalistic language.

In doing all that, Anthony Lister can create a new proposal of grotesque contours. Brimming with unique and creative energy, Anthony Lister’s artwork has gained form primarily via drawing and painting. Moreover, this art form has also ventured into video and installation. Anthony Lister’s adventurous artistic excursions have often been controversial.

While loving controversy, Anthony Lister masterfully incorporates and nurtures his works with life’s innate sense and chaos. What may be deemed as questionable issues, Anthony Lister, via his art, makes those issues relatable. These actions often time lead to inciting intentional and intense debate amongst viewing audiences.

Anthony Lister has a way of modernizing and making past themes functional to the current audience while putting a clever spin on matters initially viewed as mundane and conventional.

Anthony Lister uses specific shading or bold writing styles and color schemes to tackle the controversial subject matter. While pursuing provocative public declarations, he pushes the audience to question the reality itself and provokes thought. But, he also makes sure to keep his artworks accessible to the public’s mind at the same time.

What makes Anthony Lister’s Artwork Resonate?

Having showcased his artistic work globally in both group and solo exhibitions, Anthony Lister has been represented in multiple renowned private and public collections since the 2000s.

With the ability to not limit himself to just one artistic theme, Anthony Lister’s artworks are truly remarkable. He’s always successfully resonated with the audiences by taking the necessary risks and delving into the subject matter with apparently disconnected variations. Anthony Lister ensures a unique final product for the audiences by using pronounced techniques and large, eye-catching images.

There is an inherent sense of a seemingly unorganized thought process that accompanies Lister’s art, delivering cryptic messages that open the door to disparities in the interpretation of his work. Anthony Lister naturally gains the ability to project a sense of controlled chaos via the utilization of cryptic messages.

The above cryptic messages stem from a seemingly inherent sense of unorganized thought process. The open door for interpretive disparities leads viewers to create their imagination regarding the intended messages.

Anthony Lister’s Use of Abstract Techniques to Create Emotive Artwork

While masterfully combining the more detailed specific skills with abstract techniques, he effectively conveys the superb thought process accompanying all of his artworks. With his larger than life artworks, Anthony Lister has mastered creating emotive artwork with abstract techniques.

Owing to a sense of beauty and power, Anthony Lister offers final products delivering an effect on both practical and influential counts. With specific use of the color scheme, precise shading, and somewhat chaotic line work, Anthony Lister incorporates his vision optimally. Furthermore, he establishes a means of conveying intended emotions.



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