Anthony Lister Knack for Emotive, Resonating, and Controversial Art

Anthony Lister does not shy away from Controversy

Anthony Lister reformats and appropriates languages and codes by taking up the subject matter inherent to Western culture and iconography. He effectively makes use of crude painting techniques that are perfectly blended with the graffiti’s vandalistic language.

What makes Anthony Lister’s Artwork Resonate?

Having showcased his artistic work globally in both group and solo exhibitions, Anthony Lister has been represented in multiple renowned private and public collections since the 2000s.

Anthony Lister’s Use of Abstract Techniques to Create Emotive Artwork

While masterfully combining the more detailed specific skills with abstract techniques, he effectively conveys the superb thought process accompanying all of his artworks. With his larger than life artworks, Anthony Lister has mastered creating emotive artwork with abstract techniques.



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Anthony Lister | Anthony Lister News

Anthony Lister | Anthony Lister News

Learn how to make best arts or paintings using oil, charcoal and paint with help of Anthony Lister also famous as Anthony Lister Street Artist.