Anthony Lister Trending In Sydney Media News In 2022


Every person has a spark of creative creativity inside them and frequently exhibits distinct viewpoints throughout their lives. The problem is keeping up with the creative spark. In most circumstances, a professional artist strives to turn a spark into a driving force in order to carve out a strong aesthetic identity. So, what does it take to turn that spark into beautiful art?

Anthony Lister Trending In Sydney Media News In 2022

So, please welcome Anthony Lister! Over the course of his remarkable career, Anthony Lister has embraced emotional and creative honesty in order to carve out a distinct identity for himself. He has mastered the rough, explosive, and scrawling style of figurative painting.

On canvas and in the streets, Anthony Lister embraces the hand-drawn, highly stylized, and unique production style. Furthermore, Anthony Lister’s use of Pop-Art to combine the performative dynamic of graffiti with the harsh Bad Painting methods is a story in and of itself.

Let’s look at his thinking process to get a sense of the components required for stunning artwork.

Anthony Lister’s Artistic Inclinations

The gallery serves as a final destination for the artist, and the pieces that enter the space represent the completed result. It’s common to interpret an artist’s dream works as a rejection of the temporality of street art, implying that the work can’t evolve since it’s not organic.

Galleries are like paradise to Anthony Lister, a great place to be if the world is just earth. He defines the life of an artist as authentically biblical and poetically ideal. As a result, Anthony Lister enjoys posing serious issues while creating art. Have the gods been summoned to Olympus to rule from the greatest throne? Furthermore, have his gods found a final resting place? Is it being replaced by a demigod? Is it also a simple mortal tampering with fire?

The Ideal Representation of Society

While reveling in pop culture’s spiritual legacy, Anthony Lister is constantly striving to convey society’s ideal image. He does this by remoulding the shared spiritual legacy into something both hideous and seductive.

Anthony Lister prefers to embrace emotional truth while focusing on the bodily response of his creative creations. He achieves that state of mind by seeking to create something lovely while also looking for opportunities to violate it.

Anthony Lister’s Artistic Origins

While Anthony Lister rose to prominence after relocating to New York City, he grew up in Brisbane, Australia. As we indicated at the beginning of the text, he had the same intrinsic talent or creative spark. Anthony Lister has been painting on the streets since he was 17 years old. His inherent creative tendencies sprang from his love of comic books and the hand drawn line.

Most Valuable Collaborative Works by Anthony Lister

He graduated from Queensland College of Arts in 2001. Anthony Lister began his adventure in New York under the tutelage of Max Gimblett, a well-known living New Zealand artist. Max gave Anthony the direction he needed to ascend the ladder.

Aside from several other collaborations, Anthony Lister enjoys his continuing cooperation with curator Roger Gastam. Gostam is the founder of the modern Urban Art movement. Many of his exhibitions have been organized by him, including Art in the Streets and Beyond the Streets. The previous exhibition was hosted at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Aside from co-authoring a 356-page Ginko Press book (Lister- Adventure Painter), Anthony Lister and Roger Gastam have had other successful collaboration shows.

Anthony Lister, who is now working on his sixth major survey book based on his practice and artwork, loves to remain active in his studios across the world.



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