Anthony Lister | What makes him stand out with an Identity-Defining Artistic Vision?


You’d be hard-pressed not to come across at least one of Anthony Lister’s humorous and dynamic artworks when walking along the main drag of any metropolitan area in Australia.

Anthony Lister artworks are his own; they define his individuality somehow. And the scale of his aerosol-based artworks varies greatly. Despite this, Anthony Lister’s collection of work is frequently dark, expressive in appearance, and nonetheless shot in vibrant color.

Anthony Lister, who was born in 1979, is described by industry professionals as a leading and one-of-a-kind Australian modern street artist.

Anthony Lister pioneered the Brisbane street art and stencil movement after earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Queensland College of Art in 2001. In 2003, he relocated to New York City and began working for Max Gimblett, a New Zealand-born painter.

Since his presentations in Los Angeles and Milan, Anthony Lister has returned to the figure of a female and the form of a person.

Before delving into his unique artistic vision, the article will introduce you to one of his well-known works on a collaborative documentary.

A unique insight into Anthony Lister’s Life: Have You Seen the Listers?

Anthony Lister, a renowned Australian street artist, was the subject of a documentary, Have You Seen The Listers?, released in Australian theatres on April 5, 2018, across the country.

The documentary, directed by Eddie Martin, offered spectators genuine, previously unseen, and new insights into the private and professional lives of Anthony Lister, a unique street artist. Furthermore, the documentary film, which premiered at the Melbourne Film Festival, depicted his life as Australia’s most well-known.

The documentary, like the installation, acts purportedly and in a similar manner. Eddie Martin was granted unprecedented access to Anthony Lister’s life as a parent of three.

Martin had complete access to all of the information he needed about his life’s path. The path took him from his upbringing in Brisbane’s suburbs to his first forays into marriage and narcotics, all the way to Anika, Anthony Lister’s high school sweetheart.

While Anthony Lister was battling his demons, he was plagued by legislative and illegal concerns. The documentary illuminates the events that led to the breakdown of his relationships. Furthermore, Anthony Lister has had well-documented run-ins with the law.

Brisbane City Council, for example, took him to court. The same council gave him the encouragement he needed to establish his now lucrative street art practice.

Anthony Lister has made a Name with Identity-Defining Exhibitions

Aside from regular global exhibitions, Anthony Lister was voted one of Australia’s most collectible 50 artists by Art Collector Magazine in 2010.

With shows at the Outsiders/Lazarides Galleries in Newcastle and London in November 2012, Anthony Lister was the first artist to occupy both Outsiders galleries at the same time. It was the first time such a feat had occurred since David Choe made his UK debut in 2008.

Since 2012, Anthony Lister has had solo exhibitions in New York City, Miami, Sydney, Los Angeles, and London.

In June 2015, Anthony Lister set a record at Menzies’ sale of Important Australian and International Fine Art in Melbourne. By selling his 2014 painting Supernatural Disorder 4 for $19,636 at auction, he shattered his very own personal auction record.

A Sophisticated and Philosophical Artistic Vision

Anthony Lister is quite interested in social value assessment on culture and cultural values in general. Anthony Lister, interested in philosophical reflections and likes to break art, sees the ballerinas in his artwork as a stripper who is never willing to take their clothes off.

Because of his strong background in the street art genre, Anthony Lister uses a sophisticated, painterly style and fine art. Low and high cultures collide in Anthony Lister’s drawings, paintings, and installations.

These mediums’ content ranges from obnoxious superheroes to bad-tempered ancient masters and flirty ballet dancers to bossy vamps. While raucously coexisting at the party, these inventive individuals dwell and rapidly degenerate inside Anthony Lister’s head.



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