Anthony Lister | What makes him stand out with an Identity-Defining Artistic Vision?

A unique insight into Anthony Lister’s Life: Have You Seen the Listers?

Anthony Lister, a renowned Australian street artist, was the subject of a documentary, Have You Seen The Listers?, released in Australian theatres on April 5, 2018, across the country.

Anthony Lister has made a Name with Identity-Defining Exhibitions

Aside from regular global exhibitions, Anthony Lister was voted one of Australia’s most collectible 50 artists by Art Collector Magazine in 2010.

A Sophisticated and Philosophical Artistic Vision

Anthony Lister is quite interested in social value assessment on culture and cultural values in general. Anthony Lister, interested in philosophical reflections and likes to break art, sees the ballerinas in his artwork as a stripper who is never willing to take their clothes off.



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Anthony Lister | Anthony Lister News

Anthony Lister | Anthony Lister News

Learn how to make best arts or paintings using oil, charcoal and paint with help of Anthony Lister also famous as Anthony Lister Street Artist.