Thousands Amazing the Great: A Wild Ride Through Anthony Lister Imagination


In recent years, the intersection of high art and street art has become a sacred location for a number of street artists.

Anthony Lister is a modern Australian street artist, graphic designer, painter, and illustrator working at the vanguard of this crossing confluence.

Thousands Amazing the Great: A Wild Ride Through Anthony Lister Imagination

Anthony Lister’s Most Treasured Exhibition

Thousands Amazing the Great is Anthony Lister’s special show that combines concerns and concepts that motivate his artwork. Anthony Lister delivers his sometimes cryptic and varied critiques of society mores in this one-of-a-kind exhibition. Audiences were blown away by Anthony Lister’s one-of-a-kind vision, which took them on a roller coaster ride through his fantastic world.

With global exhibitions spanning over 15 years, Thousands Amazing the Great exhibited Anthony Lister’s superhero paintings in its first-ever Australian institutional gallery. The signs of the retrospective contemplation were visible in the physicality of the artworks. The images were highly polished and enormous, with stylization done on stretched canvas.

While predicting a bright future for the art series, Anthony Lister shied away from his regular diptych duos. He labeled each painting with his notation, and each piece stood on its own. Anthony Lister’s preoccupation with contemporary immortality and mythology was channeled through a superhero concept.

In addition, as a subtle tribute to his professional work as a well-known street artist, Anthony Lister depicted each individual in the paintings as wearing a mask.

While standing beneath the paintings exuding greatness, the audience was subtly reminded of the gods. It’s as though the altar dedicated to worshiping the untouchable was repurposed for these beings. In addition, an ancient Greek mythological narrative ran throughout the display.

It could have been a demigod mash-up or a war between the ancient Titans and the Olympians, the younger gods. In the case of Anthony Lister, however, it was the superheroes who accomplished the job. This passion is juxtaposed against the harsh tones, colors, and scribbled abstracted lines, as well as being woven throughout all of the works.

Thematic Moral Narratives

Throughout his artwork, the audience was left pondering about the framing of current culture and Anthony Lister’s place within it. Was it an older spirit who abandoned the spontaneity of street art? Or was it a newcomer on the platform shared by modern masters?

Pop culture has been dominated by superhero characters since their inception in the 1930s. The dominance component provided as a means of grasping current society’s struggles.

The same approach may now be used to frame topics such as the climate crisis, Black Lives Matter, #metoo movements, and fascist right-wing leaders. All of these problems have been creeping their way to the top for quite some time.

Anthony Lister takes a thematic approach or examines morality around wrong and right while presenting a mash-up of villains and heroes. He also used distinct themes and colors to confuse or distinguish amongst persons who are permitted to transgress the norms in the face of injustice.

The audience rapidly understood the ongoing musings inside Anthony Lister’s head in all of his pieces for the exhibition, notably, are you free to transgress the law if it’s unjust?

The Rebellion of Anthony Lister against Social Misconceptions

Anthony Lister’s corpus of work is a gritty combination of lowbrow and elite cultures. This fusion is influenced by genres such as pop art, street art, modern youth culture, expressionism, as well as “misguided TV role models” and television.

While an iconoclast, Anthony Lister recognizes that art has a significant and necessary role to perform in public settings. In doing so, he also questions society’s cultural and social expectations judging systems.



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