What makes Anthony Lister a passionate street artist by trait?


Even if you don’t know his name, you’ve probably seen one of several ‘Anthony Liter faces.’ The faces are not the ones beneath his cap, which portrays the 41-year-old artist as a skinny, hairless, and much younger young man.

These are famous Lister faces, more specifically enormous joker-esque expressions. These smiling faces may be found all over the city, on the walls of Darlinghurst, Surry Hills, and other neighborhoods.

And there’s more. These distinct and distinguishing Anthony Lister faces may also be seen in his frenetic ballerinas, superhero-inspired pieces, and at the North Bondi boat ramp, which is home to the huge sunbathing woman. With the word ‘Lister’ creeping up her leg and waves crashing at her feet, the latter is quite a sight to behold.

Let’s take a look at his foray into the street art scene.

Anthony Lister’s Lifelong Interest in Street Art

There are undoubtedly a lot of people who can stencil. And there are a lot of folks that can utilize a spray can. That’s fantastic! Looking at his outdoor work, studio work, or sculptures, it’s clear that Lister is a true painter; an artist.

Having been through it all, he now charges exorbitant fees to cool-chasing clients in locations such as Milan, Miami, and London. Anthony Lister describes the council cleaning personnel as “Neanderthals with buffers.” Furthermore, he refers to his graffiti associates as “his kids.”

Anthony Lister presently works from a garage in Leichhardt that has been converted into a disused office space. Surprisingly, a mannequin hangs solidly from the roof of his garage, upside-down above his workstation. Furthermore, the garage walls lined up with his prized canvases in various levels of his art completion.

Regardless of his current works, Anthony Lister will always have a soft spot in his heart for street art. He’s a well-known Australian street artist, and his fame stems from his never-ending work on the street. Despite the fact that galleries have embraced his work, he will never abandon his passion for artistic faces on the street.

Journey into Night by Anthony Lister

Anthony Lister first became afflicted with the “graffiti sickness” in the late 1990s, as he defines it. He was born and died multiple times in Brisbane, Australia, where he also painted streetlights. Following his graduation from the Queensland College of Arts, Anthony Lister embarked on the above undertaking. The initiative served as a wake-up call for him to pursue street art as a means of reaching out to new audiences.

Anthony Lister first met his mentor, Max Gimblett, while working for the street press and interviewing artists in New York City. Max Gimblett was a New Zealand-born calligrapher who lived in the United States. The successful mentor offered him the opportunity to work with him in the United States.

Anthony Lister has turned Sydney into his canvas under the cover of darkness and with only a few cans, following in the footsteps of LA, Milan, and New York City. He also established himself as Australia’s first and only street artist. Nowadays, Anthony Lister displays all over the world and has been painting since the late 1990s.

Anthony Lister encountered numerous street artists who shared his thoughts while mentoring under Max Gimblett. At the time, the street art genre had struck a chord with consumers. At the same time, the globe was perplexed by Banksy, a well-known artist.

Anthony Lister feels offended by any comparison to Banksy. He describes his work as unique from that of Banksy. While referencing Einstein’s adage that “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge,” Anthony Lister claims that no one knows Banksy in the true sense. He identifies himself as a simple artist who enjoys drawing pictures.



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